About Us

In June 2014 a tragedy happened to my family. My 14 year old son Ben was hit and killed while riding his bike. For the past few years I have chosen to spend this time healing myself, as well as my family. I chose not to accept any ceremonies during this time. I feel now that the time has come to begin again. Performing weddings has always been a great joy and passion for me. I look forward to sharing in more amazing memories with couples so deeply in love. I will not pretend that I will ever get over losing such a large part of my heart. Ben is my child, one of the most important parts of my world. Yet, somehow life carries on, and we must live and love while we are here. So, I choose to honor Ben by continuing with my passion and love of writing and weddings.
Thank you for all the love and support. ~ Rev. Nicole

Blissful Ceremonies was created in 2005 with the idea that every couple deserves a beautiful wedding ceremony at an affordable price.  We offer couples an alternative to being married in a courthouse by a judge or by a mayor. We have performed 100's of weddings and civil unions throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware. 

We offer short and sweet elopement wedding ceremoniestraditional wedding ceremonies, contemporary wedding ceremonies, spiritual, secular, and non-traditional, weddings. 

We consider ourselves blessed to be able to share in the happiest moments of people’s lives. 

It is an honor to join two people together in love. To witness the mutual joy and respect they share for one another. Whether it is a new love, a renewal of a continuing love or a wedding ceremony to affirm each other’s commitment to one another, it is the beauty of love that remains the same. 

Choose from 100's of customizable prewritten wedding. If you prefer, we can custom create a wedding ceremony based your unique love story. 

No matter what you are looking for Blissful Ceremonies was created for you. After all it is your day shouldn't your ceremony be the way you want it? We think so!

Rev. Nicole

As  an ordained non-denominational officiant I believe each couple deserves the best wedding. It is my job to contribute to the positive energy and warmth, excitement and enthusiasm o
n your special day. As a writer I am always creating new and beautiful ceremonies for our couples. As a minister I am continually inspired by the couples I marry. My goal is to create for you an inspirational and creative wedding ceremony that will not only be remembered by the couple but by the family and guests as well.

Rev. Monique

As an ordained non-denominational interfaith officiant, I honor all religions and beliefs with an open and welcoming heart. Your wedding will be exactly as you have always
dreamed it to be. I will assist you in creating a ceremony that's simple and beautiful, lighthearted and casual, or traditional and reverent. 
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